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Since there is also access from English-speaking countries, we have re-published articles that were previously published in English.

1. Exhibit at Nagoya Design and Manufacturing Solutions Exhibition 2018

A Korean company that is providing technical support has exhibited at “Nagoya Design and Manufacturing Solutions Exhibition 2018” which was held at “Port Messe Nagoya” in Nagoya City, Aichi prefecture between Wednesday 11th and Friday 13th on April.
I will inform you about the situation at the exhibition. In my blog, we only described the facts of technical support, but it will be interpolated information.

2. Exhibit contents

The modeling equipment being exhibited is SB 400, and the modeling range is a general A3 paper size (W = 300, L = 420, H = 250: unit mm).
This is a method of applying a coagulant to casting sand and printing a casting mold.
A picture of the exhibition booth and a sample of the shaped sample will be posted on the right.

Sentrol exhibition booth (Nagoya DMS 2018, Booth No. 19-51)


3. Binder Jet method not attracting much attention in Japan

When talking about 3D printers in Japan, FDM (thermal dissolution) method and SLA (optical shaping) method are the center.
The reason for that is that the patents are expiring at the end of the period, so the price of the equipment is going to be lower and it seems to be because the door to introduction is low.

Also, the metal printers and Binder Jet method which are attracted temporarily are expensive equipment.
There are many unknown parts of the market needs for the molded parts, so it seems that we will not be sent about the introduction.

Meanwhile, since sand molds for casting can be molded from three-dimensional data, the Binder Jet method attracts attention worldwide and its introduction has advanced.
Also development competition to enable large cast parts is beginning.

However, basic patent has been acquired, which makes it impossible to develop the product as you think easily.
Moreover, it is applied to North America and European countries assumed as market.
In Asia, it has begun to be applied to China and Korea from about two to three years ago.
On the other hand, it has not been confirmed that the application has been filed in Japan.

Printing samples (Binder Jet method)


4. Future Developments

Currently, Sentrol is proceeding with device development aimed at enlarging.
I am doing technical support necessary for upsizing.
We are seeing prospects of achieving the goal at low prices while avoiding patents from overseas companies.
Since it began to provide technical support at overseas companies, it has become more common to overlook the manufacturing industry in Japan.
From the tide of the world undoubtedly, Japanese manufacturing industry is left behind.

I am already worried about the situation that I can not draw anything about the future.

Any question is okay.
If you have any comments or questions you would like to hear, please contact us from the inquiry page in this site.

Thank you.

State of printing (SB 400)


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